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Game Haul Game Night Bag

Game Haul Game Night Bag

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  • Description

    Are you tired of lugging your favorite board games to a game night using just your unreliable hands and a prayer? Only to potentially damage them or even drop them and lose all those bits and pieces on the way.

    Maybe you just recently upgraded to a large plastic grocery store bag, but that's just ridiculous, right? 

    Well, the Game Haul: Game Night is a super cool and economical way to store and transport your favorite games to a game night while keeping them organized and safe!

    • Protect your board games with this strong and durable carrying bag.
    • Nylon/polyester blend bag features reinforced stitching and 10mm padding.
    • Adjustable reinforced shoulder strap and carry handle make for easy transport.
    • Side pocket and side netting to carry extra supplies.
    • Holds up to four 12x12x3 "Ticket to Ride" box-sized board games.*
    • Keeps your board games horizontal while front flap opens up for easy display

    *Games not included  :)

Full Set Launch Nov 20th!
Full Set Launch Nov 20th!
Full Set Launch Nov 20th!
Full Set Launch Nov 20th!